In order to make the direct trade even more direct, while having better risk management and control in the whole supply chain, KAVAZ BRAZIL has expanded by establishing a new office in Brazil, which is now announced as an official Green Coffee Exporter.

The investments at KAVAZ BRAZIL are permanent. They aim to improve processes and the quality of our services and products.

We offer green coffee from various regions of Brazil

What we can ship

  • Green Coffee Arabica
  • Green Coffee Conillon
  • Green coffee Robusta
  • Cascara

Minimum Order:

20 feet Container* – Incoterms FOB / CFR

* For Eastern Europe we offer the possibility to ship ½ container.

Available Packages:

  • Jute bags (59 kg)
  • Jute + GrainPro (30 kg or 59 kg)
  • Alpha bags (for 1 ton)
  • Bulk liner

We stamp your logo on the bags.

Categories of Green Coffee we offer


  • Fine Cup 14/16
  • Fine Cup 17/18
  • Specialties and Micro lots
  • Good Cup 14/16
  • Good Cup 17/18
  • Moka / Peaberry
  • Rio Minas 14/16
  • Rio Minas 17/18
  • Grinders

Processes: Natural, Washed, Semi-washed, Pulped Natural, Honey and Fermented.


  • 14/15
  • 16 up
  • 17/18

Processes: Natural and Washed.

How to order from origin

Just leave us a message and we will immediately get in touch with you.